With TRB's array of products, you sure can find help for your business expansion, purchase of a property or car, and even for personal consumption. We have a simple loan application process and fast turnaround to provide your needs on time yet with good deals on interest rates.

  • Fully filled-up Loan Application Form
  • 2 Valid IDs
  • 2 x 2 picture (3 pieces)
  • Proof of billing (latest 3 months electric bill)
  • Documented latest 3 months source of income

Business Loan

TRB’s Business Loan provides for short-term financing needs of a business such as covering receivables, inventories, or revolving working capital.

  • Business Permit/Mayor’s permit, DTI/SEC Registration
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, Updated GIS (for partnership and corporate entities)
  • Latest 3 consecutive months bank statement
  • Latest 1 month negotiated checks
  • original copy of either bank statement or negotiated checks should be presented

Real Estate

Real estate assets can also be used as collateral for medium-term loans via the Business Loan/Personal Loan Secured by Real Estate providing additional cash needed to improve a house, expand a business, unexpected personal needs, or even to acquire another property.

  • Copy of OCT, TCT , CCT
  • Tax declaration on Land and Improvement
  • Updated real estate tax receipt and tax clearance
  • Location plan and picture of property
  • Master deed of restriction (for condominium unit)

Truck | Car

Get cash for up to 75% of your vehicle's fair market value without taking it for impounding. TRB can also help you acquire a car or truck for business operations.

  • Updated OR / CR
  • Cancellation of mortgage (if still encumbered)
  • Latest statement of account with payment history (for loan takeout)
  • Offer to sell (for second hand car purchase)
  • Valid IDs and contact number of Seller (for second hand car purchase)

PUV | Taxi | Tricycle

PUV operators can avail of loans of up to 70% of their asset's value to finance existing businesses, acquire another unit or for personal consumption.

  • Updated OR/CR
  • Cancellation of mortgage (if still encumbered)
  • Copy of valid LTFRB franchise (MTOP for tricycle)

Doctor and Dentist

If you are a medical practitioner, TRB's multi-purpose Doctor's Loan provides doctors, dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians the necessary short- or medium-term financing for extra medical equipment needs, expansion of a clinic, or even to finance further studies and personal needs.

  • PRC license
  • Latest 3 months bank statement
  • Latest 3 months patient's ledger (if own clinic)
  • COE and latest 3 months payslip (if affiliated/employed)

Loan Application Form